Stevenson Kovalev Throw Virtual Punches

Kovalev took to twitter to throw some virtual punches, "Stevenson let's to fight for all four belts on HBO! Common! Don't scare! I not going to punch you hard. Be a real man! " and "Run Adonis! Run!". Stevenson replied with his own, "Today, @KrusherKovalev said I deserve a Mickey Mouse belt. I'll beat him and give it to my kids lol".

The problem, this light-heavyweight showdown that everyone wants to see is nowhere close to happening. Sergey Kovalev announced that he has signed a new agreement with HBO. Stevenson, is managed by Al Haymon, who putting his fighters on free TV like, NBC, CBS and SpikeTV

Sound familiar? This is a continuing problem in the sport of boxing. We had the same issues with Mayweather-Pacquiao & Top Rank-GoldenBoy. The fights that make the sport and fans want to see are being sidelined because of networks deals & promoter conflicts.

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