Five Takes From The Weekend

This weekend we saw a barrage of fighter's take the ring. Some underwhelmed, some overwhelmed, and some stayed exactly the same. Here are some of my takes from this past weekend:


The everyday argument is about how good Amir Khan really is after his performance against Chris Algieri. Khan's handspeed is undeniable, but everything else is questionable. His defense isn't that good, he doesn't move very well, and he doesn't have much punching power behind that speed. If you pressure him you can hit him as Chris Algieri rocked him a few times. My concern is that if Algieri can do that, what happens when someone with power does? Khan has shown that one punch can end it for him but he has also shown that he can weather the storm as he did against Marcos Maidana. The more I watch Khan fight the more I think that maybe he's just a good fighter who will be in exciting fights, winning some, losing some, but entertaining all. Can he beat Floyd Mayweather? No, no chance. But I'd give him a shot against everyone else.


Chris Algieri's great performance against Amir Khan lies at the hand of his trainer . They knew they stood zero chance standing outside with Khan. Algieri was forced to change his entire style for this fight and it worked. He came in with the chin tucked trying to make it a war. It was the best chance he had and one I didn't think they could do. They executed it the best they could and hats off to Algieri who was able to do it the entire fight. Khan's handspeed will always sway the judge's in his favor whether they land or not. Algieri just needed to do a little more but, hey, no one gave him a chance before the fight and he proved everyone wrong.


The guy is special. On Twitter I teased that he would knock out Wladimir Klitschko right now. It wasn't a joke, not entirely. He probably needs a few more fights but I actually do believe if he stepped into the ring with Wladimir he could get the KO. He's quick enough, and tall enough, to touch that vulnerable chin that no one has been able to get to in years. The biggest question that lies with Joshua is the one everyone wonder...can he take big punches? If he can, the heavyweight


The truth is, he is very good. Possibly great. People won't say that based off of his resume but good talent can be seen through form, skill, and composure. He has very good technique, power, and timing. I believe he would KO Khan if they fought. I don't think Brook is good enough to beat the likes of Floyd or Pacquiao, and I do feel that Khan could surprise him with trouble along with someone like Keith Thurman. But he's good enough to be mentioned as a possible opponent for the top guy in the division. I don't think Brook's style would give Floyd a problem. I think the fight to make other than Brook-Khan is Brook vs Timothy Bradley. That would be the ultimate test for him.


It's the fight that most think should happen next. It'd be a huge fight at Wembley. They could wait a year and see what happens but if one loses that hype dies a little. They both want Floyd Mayweather but neither one would be a big seller and neither one would win. It's likely we see Brook-Rios and Mayweather-Khan next, if Khan decides he can fight Floyd in September, and if Floyd does fight in September which he continues to say he will. But the fight to be made is Brook-Khan.

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