Roy Jones Jr suffers brutal KO

Hopefully last night was the last time we ever see Roy Jones Jr step into the ring again. Jones Jr was brutally KO'ed in a cruiserweight bout last night against Enzo Maccarinelli in Russia. The knockout was scary as Jones Jr fell face first onto the canvas and appeared motionless for a few moments.

Jones Jr has extended his career far beyond what his body is capable of. Many of his fights have taken place outside of the U.S in the last five years because even the boxing fans were uninterested in his ongoing career. When he has fought in the United States seldom was it on television. Maccarinelli was the first opponent Jones Jr has had since his last loss that was actually some sort of a threat to him.

In the opinions of many the career of Jones Jr died many years ago. To keep going like this is a tarnish to his name but to his body as well. Last night's knockout loss should be enough for Jones Jr to hang them up for good.

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