Canelo-Golovkin Site: Las Vegas vs Cowboys Stadium

Over two weeks ago it was announced that the mega-fight that everyone has been waiting two years for will finally hit the stage as Saul Canelo Alvarez will officially move to the middleweight division to take on middleweight King Gennady Golovkin. The announcement of the fight drew excitement from boxing fans across the world but especially in the United States where ever since the Mayweather-Pacquiao debacle people have lost their interest in Boxing. Mainstream media have gone as far as to latch on to a circus act involving Floyd Mayweather taking on a UFC fighter in the boxing ring. While Canelo-Golovkin will not draw the attention or numbers that Mayweather-McGregor will it is definitely a super-fight between two actual boxers that mainstream media can turn at least some what of a focus to.

The biggest question surrounding Canelo-Golovkin right now is where is this fight going to take place? There are many places across the country that have shown interest in having the fight but at the end of the day there are really only two players involved. Las Vegas (T-Moble Arena) and Cowboys Stadium. Of those two the chances of Cowboys Stadium landing the fight is probably a %30 chance. Let's take a look at both sites and see the the advantages and disadvantages of both.


For the sake of the sport many would agree the fight belongs here. It is very possible that the fight can pack all 100,000 seats to fill the stadium. Those that saw the electricity behind the Joshua-Klitschko showdown know that to have this type of atmosphere in the U.S for a big fight is sure to draw national attention. They could set an historic record for attendance and listen to 100,000 fans cheer in a super-fight. If they manage to sell it out media outlets across the U.S will show interest drawing more and more eyes to the sport of Boxing and maybe make some new fans in a sport that is fading away in the United States.

Unfortunately there are also limitations in doing the fight here, mainly falling on the fans. Most would be attending the fight just for the atmosphere and being able to watch it on the mega jumbotron inside of the stadium. A boxing ring is very small and fans will have a bird's eye view from most of the seats. As far as pre-fight and post-fight parties and things to do, there isn't going to be much around. Celebrities will be scarce and as far as Jerry Jones being able to compete with Vegas's money when it comes to pricing tickets, Golden Boy and K2 Promotions will likely be taking less money for this site due to ticket sales likely not matching the high prices they can charge in Vegas.


The spectaculars surrounding a major Boxing event in Las Vegas is indeed something special. The city itself glows greater than it already does on a big fight weekend. For those attending the fight there are hundreds of things to do both before and after the event. Celebrities are abundant, money is flowing, the bets are coming in, and everyone is excited to see the big fight. Golden Boy and K2 can charge whatever they want for seats because they know it'll be easy to sell it out.

As is the problem with Cowboys Stadium most fans won't be able to see the fight. With 20,000 seats and high prices for every single one many will be forced to stay at home or travel to Vegas to watch it at one of the closed circuit events. Having the fight here will set not any historic records or draw more eyes to the fight. It's just another major fight in Las Vegas. While that's not a bad thing it won't open people'e eyes up to the sport. Where as you put 90,000 in a stadium people will begin to think that Boxing could be fun to watch again, having it in Vegas won't draw any sort of new attention.

Either way, the fight has been made. It's the fight people have been begging for. For the sport of Boxing, Dallas Cowboys Stadium could draw some new attention to the sport. However, that may only last for this one fight. For Vegas, it's just another big fight but one that was needed. It's likely the fight ends up in Vegas. Which is fine. Most people are going to be ok wherever it ends up and are just going to be hoping no one gets hurt in training camp to ruin the even all together.

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