Learn From The best: Mike Tyson's Boxing Schedule

In the history of boxing, no one has ever proven to be more real than Mike Tyson. Although he might not have achieved a lot politically, like Ali, or lack defeat like Mayweather, he was a ferocious and feared fighter whose steps deserve some emulation.


Mike Tyson was just 20 years old when the legendary boxing trainer Cus Damato discovered a hidden talent in him. Unknown to Tyson, this was the beginning of a great career path to him and one that led to fame and recognition. Now let’s see what Tyson’s training regimen was all about.


  • Tyson woke up at 4 am every day
  • A boxer began to train at this time. He knew that it was the main step to victory because his opponent was probably still in bed at that time. Then, he began the usual stretching and jumping, which was necessary to establish stamina in the ring and a sense of achievement.

    At 4:30 am, he began roadwork, running and covering much distance within a short while. For Tyson, this 3-5 mile jog was a boxer training routine that could not be substituted for anything else. He knew such cardiovascular exercise would help him build strength and confidence needed in the ring.

  • Breakfast
  • Tyson loves to eat rich and delicious oatmeal, not just because it helps to increase the fat burned during exercises, but as a healthy food rich in fiber which he needs to build his muscles. Calisthenics - this followed soon after breakfast and consist of dips, push-ups, neck work, and sit-ups. He didn’t do this all at a single stretch. He divided them into ten consecutive sets. This means he would do 200 squats, 50 push-ups, and 250 sit-ups ten times. Also, Tyson was fond of sparring at noon, ten rounds each day. Just like students that buy assignments online, Tyson had to learn from those who believed in his abilities as Cus Damato had taught him that a fighter had to spar often. This prepared him for the challenges he could face while fighting his opponent.

  • Exercises
  • Tyson was highly selective of his choice of exercise and would only do them if they would build his muscular strength. He believed that bodyweight exercise could be simple but effective due to its high level of intensity.

  • Lunch and dinner
  • It was either rice or pasta with chicken or stick. He knew the importance of eating a meal rich in carbohydrate, even if he had to buy them often. Due to the nature of his training, he sometimes assigned tasks to himself and set milestones for doing each assignment. This is a vital lesson for anyone looking to buy assignment in the UK. Even though it wasn’t based on writing or searching for help online, it helped him to persevere at any course he decided to pursue — one more reason why he was so successful in his boxing career.

    Food high in carbs were a vital source of energy for him and refueled him throughout the day as he joggled between different exercise and activities for up to 8 hours each day. No doubt, he would have occasionally taken frequent breaks from carbs and had some protein in between. But this doesn’t relinquish the fact that Mike Tyson workout was a tough one. Little wonder why he cherished meals that gave him the high energy he would need while fighting in the ring.

  • Exercise bike
  • Mike Tyson training routine wasn’t complete without an exercise on his bike. This helped to strengthen the muscles in his legs and arms. He found it very useful as a sort of “warming down” because it was less demanding both physically and mentally. Also, it helped him to gather cardiovascular strength and fitness, which promoted fat burn eventually.

  • Bedtime
  • This was vital for Tyson’s health after rigorous training. He usually went to bed each day at around 9:30 pm. He didn’t see the need to stay up late in the night as he always had a lot to do the next day. And he had to be awake by 4 am each day.


Tyson only trained for six years, before he hit his first record when he defeated Trevor Berbick in 6 minutes and took the crown. This was a turning point in his boxing career and marked the beginning of stardom for him in the boxing terrain. What is the difference between Tyson and other boxers? Why was Tyson boxing career considered so special? What can students that buy assignments UK learn from this legendary boxer?

One thing is sure – Mike Tyson training routine was intensified to a great extent. After training for just six years, he was able to sharpen his boxing skills and became consistent with it. The quality of his work did not only outsmart other fighters but could also be compared to legendary boxing champions before his time. If you want to buy assignment online, you may want to see the relevance of Tyson’s workout schedule to your project.


Students in colleges, universities and post-graduate schools can learn from one of the best examples of hard work and determination, which was adequately portrayed in Mike Tyson’s boxing schedule. What did you learn from his workout schedule?

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