Amazing Boxers Who Won Gold at the Olympics

Boxing is one of the rich sport that carries a rich story with well-decorated players. Boxing has several gold medal winners at the Olympic Games. And it’s not surprising why some these players walked away as victors. Some of the boxers doesn’t carry some big names and their performance sometimes are overlooked.

It’s not by chance that these boxers managed to walk away with Olympic gold medals. It’s only because they brought some unique skills to the game, just like best uk online casino games. Their quickness, strikes and blows simply tell why they made it at the big stage. Let’s highlight some of the boxers that have brought pride and honor through the Olympic Games.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Most boxing fans recognized Sugar Ray as one of the greatest professional boxer of all time, they even put more bets on him. Prior to his astonishing career he was celebrated as an amateur boxer that has several honors to his name. He was part of the US Dream Team during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He was representing his country as light welterweight boxer. His best win came when he won his first 4 bouts with 5-0 decisions. If Ray was playing for real money during that time he would have walked away with some real dimes. Unfortunately no real money is awarded at Olympic Games in case you didn’t know.

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya carries a warm story that amuse a lot of boxing fans around the world. Oscar is an accomplished amateur boxer that was doing it big only at a very young age. At the age of 17 he went on to win the US National Championship and he was the only young boxer during that year’s Goodwill Games.

He was very flustered to find out that his mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. His mother’s wishes was to see her son winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. And in 1992 he won a gold medal after beating Marco Rudolph to fulfil his mother’s wishes.

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