Betting on a Boxing Match: The ABCs

If you are a combat sports enthusiast, you might be wondering how to bet on boxing? For us and all punters, boxing has a charm, perhaps old-fashioned, but the dose of adrenaline when you bet part of your bankroll on a challenger has no equivalent.

You can therefore use boxing as a tool to diversify your betting strategy. Follow this guide to get started in boxing sports betting.

Boxing predictions

The age limit for sports betting is 21 in most countries. If you meet this requirement, you can start on a path to make good boxing predictions. Firstly, you will need to know where to find information on online sports betting around this discipline.

Several platforms (such as 21 casino) exist to offer you advice with the best boxing predictions of the moment. Accurate information is essential to give you access to the best boxing odds.

Types of bets in boxing

There are many ways to bet on this sport, so the idea is to give you a little overview of possible. First of all, there is sports betting, which involves betting on the winner of a fight. You also have the possibility of making annex boxing predictions, in particular on the number of rounds disputed during a fight.

You can also bet on the victor of a knockout, the abandonment of a boxer, and the total number of rounds.

Some bookmakers even offer you to bet on how the victory will be played. You will inevitably find something that will suit your expectations. And if you're starting your sports betting adventure, check out our beginner's tip online.

However, unlike soccer or the NBA, the number of bets available for boxing matches is often limited. Sometimes you can only find the single "1N2" bet available on online betting sites that offer boxing matches.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to bet on the victory even if the odds of the other bets are much higher.

Before embarking on more serious predictions, you will have to already have a minimum of skills in this sport, such as knowing the boxers, the injuries, the ranking of boxers, etc.

Low odds on the favorite

A favorite on a 1N2 is going to be rated in online books at a maximum of 1.10. Hardly better than Booklet A. The discipline itself easily explains this. The fights are often organized with a challenger.

Therefore, a boxing match is always a priori unbalanced. A priori, because all the champions have gone through the role of challenger before progressing to the belt. This characteristic is therefore found in the odds which sanction the favorite.

Don't bet on the hype.

Focus on the boxer and the match. You should know that the promoters try to sell a product. They will willingly sell the challenger by explaining that it is the new Mike Tyson, that he will go far etc. Boxing fans want to see this.

In the 21st century, professional boxing matches sell for pay per view. For the star fight, people will pay up to $150 a match. So there again, you will have quite a media hay, shattering statements from boxers, media at the cleat. Today, you even have fights between different categories.

To bet, you have to forget about all that and focus on boxers and boxing. Do not get into the game of promoters and the press. Do not bet on a boxer because you like him.

When to bet

Boxing bets can be made in many competitions. There are things to do, particularly at the World Championships, which often generate a lot of interest. All categories can be interesting to play, depending on the different fighters you will find in the running.

Finally, do not forget that boxing will also be at the Olympic Games and that there could therefore be some exciting bets to be made on it.

In particular, you can bet on the biggest American boxing fights, regardless of the category, which often makes the headlines. The matches of Floyd Mayweather or Anthony Joshua are particularly often highly publicized.

Watch the game

To follow the status of your boxing bets, you can, of course, watch the fights live. For this, some bookmakers offer to see boxing for free live via their platforms.

You need to be a user of the site, and you will have access to the scope of the offer. If you have access to the best channel, you will be able to stay on top of your predictions.

Boxing, the noble sport, has inspired writers, filmmakers, and even painters. Yet, it is perhaps the discipline that has been told the most far from sports gazettes. From slums to the spotlight, from match-fixing to those dancing in the ring, boxing is a source of fantasy, poetry, and allegory.

Hopefully, this article has given you some keys to know how to bet on boxing and take an interest in the discipline.

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