How to Safely Bet on Boxing Online?

While boxing is not the most popular sport it still has its loyal fans across the globe and this does not come as a surprise considering its long and rich history. It is believed that boxing was extremely popular in Egypt back in 3,000 BC. More specifically, the earliest known evidence of boxing can be found in a Sumerian relief that dates back to the third millennium BC. This ancient relief shows not only boxers but also spectators gathered around. Ancient Egyptian and Middle-Eastern reliefs show boxers with just bands protecting their wrists.

According to historians, the use of gloves in boxing came later around 1,500 BC. There is also evidence that boxing existed in India. Boxing in Ancient Greece was one of the most popular and most developed sports so there is no wonder why it was one of the very first sports to be introduced to the Olympic Games. More specifically, boxing became one of the Olympic sports in 688 BC. At the time, the rules were quite different and no boxing rounds existed. Instead, boxers fought until one of them could not continue.

Boxing was also very popular among Ancient Romans and in Ancient Rome, boxing was practiced in both gladiator and sporting arenas. Following the inevitable decline of the great Roman Empire, boxing was forgotten until 1681 when the sport returned to Britain. At the time, regular boxing competitions were held in London at the Royal Theater. The sport was popularized in Britain and the rest of Europe by Tom Cribb, Jem Mace, Jem Belcher, and Ben Caunt in the middle 1800s.

Boxing in Modern Times

Needless to say, boxing in modern times is very different from boxing back in the middle 1800s when the sport reached its popularity peak. Today, boxing matches include twelve rounds and each round lasts for three minutes. There are many other rules to follow and many of these were put in place to protect boxers from sustaining serious injuries. In modern boxing, boxers must wear protective gear including gloves, mouthguards, and hand wraps.

When it comes to the sport’s popularity today, it falls behind football, basketball, and baseball. According to a survey, football is the most popular sport with over 60% of sports fans engaging in football. The second most popular sport is basketball followed by baseball, basketball, and MMA. In modern times, boxing was popularized by several big names such as Muhammad Ali, Carlos Monzon, Joe Louis, and more recently Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and Terence Crawford.

With the sport’s rising popularity, the number of online sports betting sites covering boxing matches has increased as well. In fact, all safe and secure sites in the Philippines and other jurisdictions where online sports betting activities are legal cover boxing matches, and further, we bring you a couple of valuable tips for staying safe while betting on boxing online.

Stay Safe While Betting on Boxing

Engaging in online sports betting activities including betting on boxing is safe and secure if you engage in such activities at safe, reliable, and reputable online sports betting sites. In order to stay safe while betting on boxing online, make sure you always register at trusted sports betting sites. A sports betting site you can trust is a site that is licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling agency. If you come across a sports betting site that is not licensed and regulated, the best thing to do is to look further.

To stay safe when you bet on the next big boxing match, make sure that your sports betting site employs technologies such as SSL data encryption. Only sites that are SSL-encrypted protect your personal and your financial data the right way. Before you place your first real money wager on a boxing match, make sure you check your sports betting site’s online reviews left by other players. If a site has more negative reviews, it probably does not deserve your attention. Sports betting sites that have mostly positive reviews and no complaints regarding their services and products are the ones deserving your attention.

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