A $2M Wager at 6/1 Odds Earns Garcia $12M

Garcia achieved a remarkable upset by flooring Haney three times, securing a thrilling majority decision victory on Saturday night at the Barclays Centre in New York. Despite forfeiting approximately $600,000 to Haney due to missing weight by 3.2lbs, the 25-year-old claims to have earned around $50 million from the fight.

The bulk of Garcia's earnings likely stemmed from his purse and pre-fight endorsements. However, a significant portion of his income was derived from a bold $2 million bet he placed on himself to emerge victorious.

During the DAZN broadcast, commentators disclosed that Garcia had cashed in $12 million at 6/1 odds. Subsequently, Garcia confirmed this revelation on social media.

On Instagram, he declared, "If you bet, bet on yourself on top of what we made. Eating Good. About 50 million (probably more) in one night, not too shabby. I will let God guide me on how to use this money, Amen."

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